Welcome the Perfect PPAP Team

Posted in General on February 27th, 2010 by Mary Schiemann – Comments Off

With all of the Lean Manufacturing you’re in the middle of and the Downsizing that comes along with it we understand that you would rather have your valued Employees working on getting your product out the door. So we decided to take our 20+ years of Experience and start a service that will take care of your P.P.A.P.’s for you.

This will free up your Employees time so that you can allocate it elsewhere. We are working in conjunction with Nationwide Gage Calibration to assure that all of our Equipment is Calibrated to the highest Standards. Copies of all of the Gage Certs are included in your P.P.A.P. Pkg. along with that we send you an Electronic Copy for your records, or a copy of the report to keep ,which ever you choose. The Report comes to you in an impressive Clear Cover Binder via U.P.S. And Our Turnaround time is 1-5 Days. You won’t have the Headaches anymore of constantly going to your QC Dept and asking How Much Longer it will be until the Reports are done. We are also offering other Services like In-House Calibration, I.S.O. Consultation and Internal Auditing to name a few.

Please go to Our Other Services Tab. We have nothing but State of the Art Equipment. And simply by sending us a copy of your blueprint and filling out a simple Questionnaire we will supply you with your PPAP ready to send to your Customer along with Bagged , Tagged Samples. Let us take the cumbersome work load of these complicated reports out of your way so you can move leaps and bounds ahead!

Please visit our entire website to get a full overview of our products and services.